6 Types of Rummy Players You Often Come Across

Winning a game of rummy can be just a matter of a game for some while it might be life or death for some other player. Basically, each player has a different approach to their game and that defines each rummy player. Here we have listed out 6 different types of rummy players you may come across in your day to day gaming and playing:

The Win or Pass Type

These are players who play rummy games only with the purpose of winning. If they see that their chances of winning are bleak, they simply pass at the beginning. These are people who think the small penalty at the beginning is definitely better than losing huge points due to overconfidence on a wrong hand.

The Joker Crazy Type

It is true that a joker can have a significant role to play in making your hand quickly in rummy. Yet, joker craze is definitely not the right approach. In a regular game of Indian rummy, there are three main types of jokers as listed below:

Jokers in the Deck

Three or four joker cards are present in each deck. These are used in a regular game of rummy as a joker to replace any other card in a sequence or set. The joker designs may vary from one deck to another. Some decks have dancing jokers while some decks have jokers doing magic shows. Each of these cards are used as bonus points or joker cards to complete sets or artificial sequences.

Blank Cards as Jokers

Each deck may have one or two blank cards. These were cards traditionally provided to replace worn out cards in a deck. Today, most players of rummy use blank cards just as joker cards. They can bee used just like joker cards to complete real sequences or sets.

Pulled-Out Jokers

Apart from the existing jokers in a deck, there are also pulled out jokers that play the role of jokers in rummy. These cards are randomly picked from the deck. The pulled-out joker could be any card, be it number card or picture card.

A joker crazy person may just gather all these joker cards in his hand. In rare situations, he may even lose the game he is playing because he fails to make a pure sequence due to excess jokers in the hand.

The Silent Rummy Player

This is the most challenging opponent you may have in an offline rummy session. This is because a silent rummy player won’t speak a word during the game. He will simply pick cards, arrange cards and dispose cards without giving a hint as to what cards he holds. An opponent may find it difficult to understand the moves of such a player.

The Expressive Rummy Player

Quite a contrast to the previous category of rummy player, this player instantly shows his emotions on the face. If he gets a good card, he is sure to smile. If he gets a bad hand, the disappointment will be evident on his face. Such a player of card games is easy to gauge.

The Risk-Taking Rummy Player

There are few players who enjoy taking risks. They may play a hand even when they know that the chances of winning are really few. He may run a few risks in hopes of winning and sometimes end up winning the game too.

The Jocular Rummy Player

Last but not the least is the funny and jocular rummy player. This is the kind that enjoys cracking jokes and sharing funny tales while playing the game. Playing cards is another way to have fun and crack jokes for such players. Beware of such players as their awesome sense of humour may not always appease you.

So, as a rummy player, have you come across any of these categories of rummy players? Do share your own views regarding rummy player types in the comments’ section.