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Microsoft Monday: Windows 10 To Reserve 7GB Storage, $1.76 Billion Government Deal, Teams Updated

Pedestrians walking in front of the Microsoft store in New York. Photographer: Mark Kauzlarich/Bloomberg

Microsoft Wants To Show You Ads In The Windows 10 Mail App

I may not be the world’s most passionate Windows 10 fan, but Microsoft’s built-in

Microsoft Broke Windows 10 Again, Despite Warnings From Windows Insiders

Well folks, I’m running out of ways to cleverly introduce the fact that your

Windows 10 Pro Licenses Are Being Downgraded To Windows 10 Home

If you have a valid Windows 10 Pro license, you may be waking up

Microsoft turns off advertisements in Windows 10 email app

San Francisco: After introducing personalised advertisements in the Windows 10 default email app, Microsoft

Microsoft Windows zero-day disclosed on Twitter, again

A security researcher has disclosed a Windows zero-day vulnerability on Twitter for the second

Kitt Peak Observatory to House Windows on the Universe Center

A $4.5 million grant from the National Science Foundation (NSF) has been awarded to

Amazon agrees to sell Apple iPhones and iPads just in time for the holiday season

Apple and Amazon have made for Amazon to sell Apple products on several of

Thirty-Five Years Ago Today, Microsoft Announced the Arrival of Windows

Remember life before Windows? If you do, you’re dating yourself. Microsoft announced the arrival

Microsoft Warns Windows 10 Has An Expensive Problem

Windows 10’s problems are growing. Despite the introduction of new monthly charges, the number