Microsoft Broke Windows 10 Again, Despite Warnings From Windows Insiders

Well folks, I’m running out of ways to cleverly introduce the fact that your current build of Windows 10 may have another nasty bug. While it’s not as severe as having your documents wiped out of existence, it can still be classified as very irritating for users. That’s because the bug in question breaks file associations, preventing certain file types from opening with the default programs you choose. For example, not being able to associate Adobe Photoshop with image files, Notepad++ with text files or VLC with .mp4 files.

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This was brought to my attention courtesy of Chris Hoffman at How-To Geek, but after a bit of research it seems this issue has been lurking for quite some time. Check this out:

“This is a known bug and has almost certainly been reported in the Feedback Hub, so Microsoft should be aware and working on a fix. The next regular monthly cumulative update is expected on Tuesday 12 June, so I’d expect the fix then.” ~via TenForums, May 2018.

That forum post was from May 2018, and like other serious unzapped bugs, it has been reported in the Feedback Hub multiple times according to Bleeping Computer. But here we are in November, and the issue persists. In fact, it’s been around in various forms since 2015. Yes, 2015.