Quartet of videos from Apple demonstrate key iPhone photography features

All of the videos published on Tuesday evening are in the portrait orientation, and are obviously intended to be viewed on an iPhone. On all of the new videos, Apple suggests users to to the landing page for the topic at Apple.com for more information.

Key Photo

The first video is a walkthrough of selecting a Key Photo in a Live Photos session.

Depth Control

Diving a little deeper, the second video demonstrates depth control. Specifically, Apple says that users can use “Depth Control while shooting in Portrait mode to selectively add more impact to your subject.”

Depth Control was highlighted in an advertisement published on Feb. 15, called “Bokeh’d.”

Stage Light Mono

Stage Light Mono will generate a different effect than the regular Portrait feature that first debuted with iOS 11 and the iPhone X.

Searching for photos

While a photo search seems to be the most self-evident feature, Tuesday’s video demonstrates practically how to search for a specific subject, and other machine language identified objects.