Windows 10 Pro Licenses Are Being Downgraded To Windows 10 Home

If you have a valid Windows 10 Pro license, you may be waking up to a puzzling notification asking you to activate your copy of Windows 10. That’s because there’s a strong chance it may have been accidentally downgraded to Windows 10 Home.

The report comes courtesy of WindowsLatest, and it’s a fairly fresh bug currently seeing a lot of activity on Reddit.

“All of a sudden after years of having this key which was from windows 8 pro then migrated to windows 10 for free, I got a notification saying my key is Windows 10 home version and that I need to install it.”

At time of publication, the Reddit post was published 7 hours ago and has 86 comments, comprised mostly of users echoing the complaint.

“Also got this de-activation of Pro tonight. I’ve always run Pro since the early insider days, this digital license copy of Pro (non-insider) has been activated for ages. Tonight, poof.”

“I am having the same problem. It’s even gone as far as my digital entitlement is gone from my Microsoft account and I have a Windows 10 home key now. Windows is deactivated because I went from Windows 10 Pro to home and it doesn’t match anymore.”

“This just happened to me. 100% legit pro key that was upgraded when windows 10 released. My second PC with windows 10 home is unaffected. A reboot got rid of the water mark on the desktop but system info still says windows is not activated.”

“Same issue on Dell computers running Windows 10 Pro 1803 that we just bought. Need to deploy to clients but they wont activate. Office activated fine but Windows nope.”

The deactivation and downgrade issue seems to be occurring in several countries including the US, UK, Japan and Korea. There are dozens more of these comments rolling in across social media and forums, but the common thread seems to be that these users had prior Windows 7 or Windows 8 Professional keys before upgrading to Windows 10.